Pastels For Spring? Groundbreaking.

It happens at the same time every year... the awkward time between winter and spring where the sun finally enters the chat but it's not quite showing up consistently.
It's also the same time that I get the urge to purge everything in my closet because I can't look at another sweater EVER - but stop. Don't do that. Future you will thank you.
The solution? Sweatshirts. Pastel tones. Yes!!!
We love a cotton sweatshirt for the in-between months because they can be as cool or warm as you need them to be, plus they are crazy easy to care for! After a winter of washing your sweaters delicately and hang drying, you can take a step away from the laundry and make things easier on yourself.
Apart from care, a good spring sweatshirt is even easier to style. It doesn't even matter what you wear on bottom: jeans, faux leather pants, leggings or wide leg trousers... it all looks fresher and spring-ready with a pastel sweatshirt.