The Story:

Art and design have always played a huge role in my life, especially through my most formative years (oy, high school). Choosing to go to school for fashion merchandising was a decision that I will forever be thankful for. My professors taught the importance of understanding every single process of clothing design and the retail world and pressed the importance of finding ways to make changes in our industry toward sustainability and fair practices.
I've worked in the fashion world for over 10 years now, first dipping my toe into wholesale and then diving into retail honing my personal style while also learning to interpret others. And now here I am, building my own little charming and fun corner of the internet!

The Values:

The clothing we choose to wear and the way we design our homes quietly communicates to others who we are and greatly affects how we feel. I believe we should always seek out the humor in life so to never take ourselves too seriously.

Whenever possible, Winsome will support eco-friendly, locally made, women owned, and socially responsible brands!


The Goal:

I hope Winsome will be a source of inspiration, a refuge from the mundane and a safe zone for anyone who may need one.

Thank you so much for shopping Winsome!

- Erica