Brand Spotlight: Mod + Jo

For our first brand spotlight, we're featuring Mod + Jo! A jewelry brand based out of Dallas, Texas made by women, for women. (But by all means, guys, get after it.)

Mod + Jo makes their jewelry in small batches meaning each piece is given special attention insuring it's quality.

One of my favorite parts about the brand is that every piece created by Mod + Jo is designed to be layered. Their chains and pendants compliment each other creating perfect necklace 'situation' if you will. What's a 'situation' you might ask? You know the feeling when you put together a new outfit or jewelry story and you just think to yourself, "Yes yes yes!" That's a tell-tale sign you've got a situation on your hands.

My favorite Mod + Jo layering story? Take a look at The Saint Benedict pendant and the Paper Clip Chain. These two will layer perfectly together coming in at 18" and 20" in length.

images from Mod + Jo.